Why Us

Hi, I am SANTOSH KUMAR PRASAD, a co founder of YGM CORPORATE SERVICES; the story of this fantastic team began in the year 2010. Its a interesting story, one day one client came very disappointed to meet my boss in the company in which i was working. The gentleman was running an organization since last 18 years and was in deep crisis mainly due to sudden resignation of his accountant. During those past years he never thought that one day the accountant may leave without giving him much time to organize or to make alternate arrangements. During discussion it came to our knowledge that the businessman had hired services of a chartered accountant to oversee accounting of his firm, who now want to re do all the accounting because according to him all the accounts are not in conformity with the standards etc and that his outgoing accountant never listened to his advise. the gentleman had a labour law consultants who is also making excuses and blaming every thing on the accountant. no body was actually taking responsibility of any thing. the company secretary was saying that he has advised certain things to be done but due to communication gap the things are not in place. Imagine a successful business otherwise for the world is how poorly managed. the most of the problems was due to so many people to work and no one to take responsibility, further the employees are free to leave the employment after serving the notice period, which is 1 month in most of the cases. I was given a task to reorganize the whole affairs of the company and when i actually started working i noticed that much of the problems would have been avoided or a responsibility could have been fixed if one person had been responsible for the entire activities of accounts, payroll, labour laws, taxation and legal matters.